A photo of a man meditating at sunrise in the mountains on different Types of Meditation

Different Types of Meditation

Different types of meditation I remember when I returned from living in Zambia and went for the first time to a UK supermarket – I was overwhelmed by the choice! If you want yoghurt and there are 30 different types, how do you choose?In Zambia there was only one type of yoghurt and it made life easy! Meditation can be the same, there […]

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An infographic making the point about the many benefits of meditation on health

Benefits of Meditation

Julia Ventham teaches meditation on our Yoga Meditation and Wellness Retreats. Here she talks about the many benefits of meditation to your health. People have been meditating for thousands of years. Yet, it is only recently that the scientific world are catching up with the many benefits of meditation to your health. It seems that we only start to listen when there is […]

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A girl meditating crossed legged at sunset on Importance of Meditation

Importance of Meditation

Julia Ventham leads our Yoga Meditation and Wellness Retreats in the Spanish Pyrenees. Qualified in healing and energy work, Julia runs group courses as well as offering healing and meditation tuition on an individual basis, both in Spain and England. In this series of posts Julia will take you on an inner journey of self discovery. With guided meditations and visualisations you will […]

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A group enjoying the sunshine in the mountains in April on Yoga Meditation and Wellness Retreats Spain

Yoga Meditation Retreat Spain

We are very lucky that we live all year round in a tiny farming hamlet in the central Spanish Pyrenees, close to the Ordesa National Park. A place where you can disconnect completely, unspoilt and still undiscovered. The perfect location for our Yoga Meditation Retreat Spain.   This first Retreat was a great success and we included a second week in July 2016. […]

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