A cartoon of two runners going quickly on Speed Training for Trail Running

Speed Training

As a running coach I can tell you that speed is essential in all types of running, from road to trail and even in long distance races. As such speed training is an essential part of any runners training programme. However, speed training, be it interval training or speed sessions, delivers more than just an increase in pace. It is also good for […]

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Cartoon image of people catching the bus on Ordesa National Park Shuttle Bus

Ordesa National Park Shuttle Bus

The Ordesa National Park shuttle bus runs only at peak holiday times. So, if you are restricted by school holidays and have no choice but to visit Ordesa during these times, please take note of the timetable below. During peak times, the number of people allowed into the Ordesa valley is controlled through the use of the Ordesa National Park shuttle bus. Access […]

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An infographic making the point about the many benefits of meditation on health

Benefits of Meditation

Julia Ventham teaches meditation on our Yoga Meditation and Wellness Retreats. Here she talks about the many benefits of meditation to your health. People have been meditating for thousands of years. Yet, it is only recently that the scientific world are catching up with the many benefits of meditation to your health. It seems that we only start to listen when there is […]

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