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Trail Running Holiday Pyrenees is based in the beautiful central Spanish Pyrenees. Designed also for a non-running partner, it combines guided trail running with a guided walking holiday. We are Simon and Lucy, and you will be staying at our renovated farmhouse. Whether running or walking, this is a great way to explore the area in and around the National Park of Ordesa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Pyrenees Geopark where we live.

Whether you are an experienced trail runner, transitioning from road running, or just enjoy running, this could be your perfect holiday. The trails here provide stunning scenery and a mix of terrain, from mountain ridges, passes, forest trails, single track and dirt road to rocky paths.
Our running guides for this week are Jonathan Worswick and Guillem Sancho Torné. Jonathan is a running coach who lives in Australia and Guillem is a qualified mountain guide, and mountain runner.

Jonathan is also writing a Trail Running blog. He will cover technique, kit as well training. Read Jonathans blog HERE.

We have only 7 places available for runners.

Walkers: Our walks will take us close to the runners so we can meet up for lunch, or a drink. There is a choice of gentle day walks and more exhilarating treks.

Local guides will join us sharing their knowledge of flora and fauna, as well as geology and local history.

There are only 5 places available for walkers.

"Guides who were able to provide both the local knowledge of the Pyrenees mountains and years of experience of trail running."

Gillian. Glasgow. September 2016

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Run the video !
The region of Sobrabre, where we live, hosts a number of races, including the Ultra-Trail. This gives you a glimpse of the landscapes you will discover in this unspoilt corner of the Spanish Pyrenees.

Trail Running Holiday Pyrenees with Guided Walking • Dates and Prices 2019

No Single Supplement. Excludes Flights.

Sun. 15th Sept - Sun. 22nd Sept 2019

Sun. 15th Sept - Sun. 22nd Sept 2019

€1295 euros



 €1295 euros

Trail Running and Guided Walking include full board at our 17th century farmhouse. There is No Single Supplement. Flights are excluded.
We can provide transfers from Zaragoza airport for the Ryan Air flight from London Stansted, or Zaragoza train station for trains from Barcelona or Madrid for an additional charge of €70 per person return. From Zaragoza it is around two hours to our base in the Pyrenees.
For more information see how to get to Albella.

"I'm struggling to pick any one run as the best one, as each one had something a bit special. The word "WOW" was used a lot! If you like trail running, you'll love this holiday."
Gillian. Glasgow. September 2016

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Itinerary: Trail Running Holiday Pyrenees

The itinerary below gives an idea of what we will be doing during a typical week on a Trail Running Holiday Pyrenees. The decision of exactly where we go on a particular day will be decided by Simon, Lucy, and the guides. It will depend a great deal on the weather. See our Pyrenees Weather Forecast for a better idea of what to expect and what to pack (we send a recommended kit list when you book). 
We provide energy bars, snacks and energy drinks. However, runners are very welcome to bring their own drinks as tastes vary.
Each of the runs include a long and shorter option, so depending on how you feel on the day, you choose! For the walkers, a more strenuous day is followed by an easier day.

During the week there are a number of optional presentations, both general, including an overview of our area and a quick geological guide, to the more specific, such as diet and nutrition and equipment choice. We even have the option of a workshop on making your own protein bars!

The fact that Jonathan is a qualified running coach is a huge benefit, for all runners on this holiday. He is on hand and available throughout the week. Whether it is just advice, or something more specific, he will gladly help.

Don't forget Jonathan's trail running blog, with tips on technique, kit and training. Read it HERE.

DAY 1 Trail Running Holiday Pyrenees:

Arrival at Casa Allué, Albella. A welcome drink and time to meet Jonathan and your hosts Simon and Lucy along with the rest of the group. After dinner, over a coffee, there will be a short presentation on the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido, and the week ahead.

DAY 2 Trail Running Holiday Pyrenees:

After breakfast Jonathan and Guillem will give a short talk on running safety. Then to get the legs moving we set off from the farmhouse for a local run, on the way visiting two abandoned villages. This will be a mixture of single track, forest track and country road. We run over an ancient sea bed and fossils millions of years old. Following medieval pathways, with dramatic views, you will appreciate the incredible landscape where we live. We rendezvous for a picnic with the walkers (option to run or walk back to Albella).
Time: 2-3 hours. Ascent: 400m.
After breakfast we explore the area around Albella. We climb above the village, with views to the chapel of San Urbez and the solana. We take drovers tracks, and pathways centuries old that once connected these Pyrenean villages, and which are gradually being restored. Our destination, an abandoned village with a story to tell! We talk about the history of the village, and explain the amazing geology of this area.
Picnic lunch with the runners before we complete our circular walk back to Albella. Time: 2½ - 3 hours.
Runners & Walkers
After a shower and freshen up there will be time for a glass of local wine or a beer before dinner.

DAY 3 Trail Running Holiday Pyrenees:

Runners and Walkers
Passing through Torla we head to the dramatic valley of Bujaruelo, on the edge of the Ordesa National Park. Once there we all begin our day from the beautiful medieval bridge, Puente San Nicolás.
On the way home this is a great place to dip your feet in the crystal waters. It has even been known for us to swim here in September!!


 Watch this 45 second video!
Time: 4 - 4½ hours. Ascent 962m.

Having left the bridge of San Nicolás we follow the river upstream gradually ascending on a farm track until we reach single track, and a secluded valley.
After a short climb, we enter the valley basin, before climbing again on single track to reach a saddle. There are waterfalls and breathtaking open views to all sides. The French Pyrenees can be seen just across the valley. For those who wish to “bag” the nearby peaks, the views are even better!  Equally, we can just relax, have lunch, and enjoy the stunning scenery. All the hard work is done, as it’s all down-hill from here.
Heading off down the other side of the ridge we run down long zig-zags on single track, arriving at a borda (farm building) at the head of the valley. A farm track and a short descent takes us to the valley floor and a well-deserved cold beer!
Picnic/nutrition en route - carried.

Starting from the medieval bridge of San Nicolás we follow the river, making a small detour to visit a breathtaking suspension bridge. We continue on the track until the valley opens and the landscape changes to reveal quiet pastures, an abundance of flowers, marmots and the chance of sighting a golden eagle. We cross several crystal clear side streams that feed the river, and climb gently sloping hilltops as we head to a grassy hollow and our picnic spot, a refugio at 1780m (mountain hut). We return the same way but the views are very different. Picnic en route - carried.

Runners and Walkers
Rendezvous in the café at San Nicolás for a well earned beer!
Albella. Evening meal & briefing over coffee.

DAY 4 Trail Running Holiday Pyrenees:

This is our easy day! We have various options to choose from today.
Running & Walking
There are a number of self-guided trails straight from the farmhouse suitable for running or walking. For runners, if you have a word with Jonathan he may even take you with him on an adventure (either reconnoitering another route or just checking out a new trail). Picnic or light lunch at the farmhouse.

A visit to the 10th century monastery of San Juan de la Peña. The elegant twelfth-century cloister is said to be one of the greatest examples of Romanesque carvings in Spain. The monastery is built into the rock face in a spectacular mountain setting. It also features twelfth-century murals and the Gothic San Victorián chapel.
After a picnic lunch we descend to the garrison town of Jaca, the former capital of Aragon. There will be time for a coffee in the narrow streets of the casco anitguo, and to visit the Romanesque cathedral. Inside is the Doicesano museum, where there is a superb collection of Romanesque and Gothic religious art.
This option has a supplement. Please ask us for details.

Mountain Biking
In 2015 Ainsa hosted the Enduro World Series . We have some superb trails nearby, suitable for all levels of rider. Hiring a guide will get you to the most spectacular trails, and ensure you make the most out of your tailor made day.
This option has a supplement. Please ask us for details.
Picnic included.

We regroup in Albella for our evening meal & briefing over coffee.

DAY 5 Trail Running Holiday Pyrenees:

After breakfast we all leave to visit the valley of Ordesa.
We will depart to run the longest of the faja trails (narrow path), and arguably the most dramatic. This is a circular route, running on a high single track just below the Ordesa ridge. The initial steep climb is well worth the effort as the views of the valley below are stunning. As we descend we see the impressive Circo de Soaso, formed by glacial erosion, and the 3km high peaks. The magnificent Cola de Caballo (horsetail falls), our turning point, together with the Grados de Soaso (a cascade of falls), on our descent, are two of the most beautiful waterfalls to be found in the Pyrenees.
Short option Grados de Soaso. Time: 4-5 hours. Long option out and back to the Refugio. Time:5-6hours.
Picnic/nutrition en route - carried.
Ascent 750m.
Have the choice of the same route as the runners (Time 6-7hours) or an Easier Option.
Easier Option: We walk through beautiful beech woods visiting three very different waterfalls, with the impressive 800m cliffs of the Ordesa canyon rising above us. We gradually climb to the Grados de Soaso (a cascade of falls) before we emerge from the canyon to see Monte Perdido, the open valley and the Circo de Soaso (a half-open steep-sided hollow at the head of the valley formed by glacial erosion). We walk to the Cola de Caballo (horse tail falls) at the head of the valley before returning to the pradera car park. Picnic en route - carried.
Time: 5 hours. Ascent: 500m.

Runners & Walkers
Runners and walkers will rendezvous in the pradera cafe in the afternoon, for a drink. Transfer from here back to Albella.
Albella. Evening meal & briefing over coffee.

DAY 6 Trail Running Holiday Pyrenees:

We depart for a high Pyrenean village (1281m) famous for the beautifully preserved 12th century church. We then make our way to one of the most impressive viewing points in the Ordesa National Park.
Leave for a circular route, part of which follows the edge of a canyon, carved out by the river 1000m below us. We climb to 1960m, mostly on single track with some technical sections. There are spectacular views across to Monte Perdido (3355m), Cilindro (3325 m) and Pico Añisclo (3259 m), as well as the Tres Marias massif. We are eye to eye with the vultures, before descending to a mountain pass where we have the choice of returning on dirt road or single track. Picnic/nutrition en route - carried. 
Time: 4 - 5 hours. Ascent 850 to 950m.
Follow in part the route of the runners, walking to reach the same peak (1960m). At 1800m we will see fossilized sea sponges and shells at our feet. Our local guide will explain the turbulent past of this impressive landscape and how these marine creatures got here. At the summit we have 360 degree panoramic views, north to the Monte Perdido massif and south to the Sierra de Guara. Before descending we will take a slight detour to view the incredible rock formations from a different perspective. Picnic en route - carried.
Time: 4 hours. Ascent: 610m.
Runners & Walkers
Rendezvous at the café in the village.
Albella. Evening meal & briefing over coffee.

DAY 7 Trail Running Holiday Pyrenees:

An early breakfast before we all set off to visit an area that supports the highest population in Europe of the magnificent Lammergeier (Bearded Vulture). In the morning we all walk to a number of viewing balconies with spectacular views into a gorge, as well as the opportunity to see these birds and other raptors.
Make the short steep ascent from the balconies to the upper reaches of the gorge. We run below spectacular limestone cliffs on a high altitude track, way above the gorge. The route travels along one side of the rim of the canyon and returns back along the other.
Time: 4 hours. Ascent: 550m.
Have the option to stay at the viewing balconies or continue on a circular walk following part of the runners trail. The views are breathtaking as we look east to the Cotiella massif and south beyond the Pyrenees.
Time: 2-3 hours. Ascent: 200m.
Runners & Walkers
Lunch at a mountain restaurant that sits perched on the hillside.
In the afternoon we make the short drive to see a megalithic structure. We then leave for a brief tour of the medieval town of Ainsa.
Albella. Light supper & chat about the week that was!.

DAY 8 Trail Running Holiday Pyrenees:

A flexible timetable depending on departure times. A light lunch or a picnic is available.

Please note this is strictly a non-smoking holiday.

"I stayed at Casa Allue as part of a trail running activity holiday and can honestly say that everything was fantastic, Lucy and Simon's attention to detail is exceptional."

Rob. Milton Keynes. September 2016. 

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