Importance of Meditation


Julia Ventham leads our Yoga and Walking Holiday in the Spanish Pyrenees. Qualified in healing and energy work, Julia runs group courses as well as offering healing and meditation tuition on an individual basis, both in Spain and England.

The only relationship that counts

We sit now at the junction of the years end and the years beginning. A powerful place to reflect on what we have learnt from the Old Year, as we look forward to the New Year. It is a time to focus on how we can grow, both emotionally and spiritually.

All too often we commit to new resolutions in January, which by February, have fallen by the wayside. We then spend the next few months ‘beating ourselves’ up for having failed! But it need not be like this.

Learning how to be comfortable with ourselves is probably one of the most important commitments we can make – it is this relationship, the one we have with ourselves, that we should tend to as the New Year unfolds.

I believe that when we know ourselves we can be successful in all our other relationships, and meditation is the vehicle to achieve this. Meditation allows us to access the inner peace we all possess, which in turn enables the relationship we have with ourselves to develop. We grow from the inside out!

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