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5 Steps to Composting

5 Steps to Composting We have 5 easy steps to composting. The start of what could be a journey to becoming more self-sufficient. If you have ever wondered about growing some veg, now is the time to have a go!  Taste the difference and you will be hooked! We have been growing organic produce for…


Running Technique and Training for Hills

Specificity To state the obvious, Trail Running generally includes hills. They can vary greatly in length and technical difficulty. Some hill climbs you may be able to run up, some may be so steep you need to walk. Descents are the same, whether it be a wide smooth surfaced dirt road or a rocky twisting…


Different Types of Meditation

Different types of meditation I remember when I returned from living in Zambia and went for the first time to a UK supermarket – I was overwhelmed by the choice! If you want yoghurt and there are 30 different types, how do you choose? In Zambia there was only one type of yoghurt and it…


Speed Training

As a running coach I can tell you that speed is essential in all types of running, from road to trail and even in long distance races. As such speed training is an essential part of any runners training programme. However, speed training, be it interval training or speed sessions, delivers more than just an…


Benefits of Meditation

Julia Ventham teaches meditation on our Yoga and Walking Holiday. People have been meditating for thousands of years. Yet, it is only recently that the scientific world are catching up with the health benefits of meditation. It seems that we only start to listen when there is scientific evidence, to support what was once, only…


What to Wear Snowshoeing

Introduction Lucy Woollons is co-founder of Aragon Active. A husband and wife team providing special interest holidays and activity holidays for small groups in the Spanish Pyrenees. A keen snowshoe walker, Lucy will share some of her top tips, starting with What to Wear on one of our Snowshoeing Holidays Pyrenees. Snowshoeing offers many benefits,…