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We take our environmental and social responsibility very seriously.


Local Responsibility

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    Our entire valley has suffered from economic migration and depopulation since the 1960’s. A handful of farming families have stayed on and tourism is slowly growing. We aim to help sustain the life in our hamlet and region, encouraging people from overseas to come all year round and not just during the peak Spanish holiday season.

    On all our holidays we employ local guides and specialists, offering them English classes where needed.

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    GREEN ENERGY - Photovoltaic Panels

    During 2022 we installed 18 solar panels at Casa Allué, an 8KW inverter and batteries with a storage capacity of 10kWh.
    By doing so we have avoided the emission of 6.5 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

    Furthermore, the excess electricity we have in the summer months is put pack into the grid, adding to the green energy available for other users.

    This installation will be part funded by a European Union (Next Generation) grant as part of the Aragon Government’s energy transformation, recuperation and resilience plan.

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    GREEN ENERGY - Geothermal Heating

    All our hot water and our underfloor heating is from our geothermal heat source pump. We have 3 bore holes in the garden each 100m deep.

    You can find out more about this technology on our blog.

  • Donation to FCQ 2022


    On all our Small Group Holidays we give an insight into the work carried out by the conservation group, Foundation for the Protection of the Bearded Vulture (FCQ).

    We also sponsor this Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) financially each year. Selling our Aragon Active aprons and beeswax wraps generates between £500 and £1,000.

    Currently the Bearded Vulture is on the world Red List meaning it is “Near Threatened.
    This reflects the rapid population decline over the past three generations. However, over the last 20 years FCQ has been responsible for establishing a successful breeding programme here in our valleys. So much so that you can now find birds reared here in both the Picos de Europa, and the Alps.

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    As a Geopark Partner we work on a local level to promote and support the Pyrenees Geopark, a UNESCO site of particular geological importance. The aim is to both increase awareness of the Geopark as well as educate visitors on how we can best protect the landscape. Lucy is a qualified guide for the Geopark.
    Geo Parks

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    The 16th century chapel of San Urbez is a landmark in our area and our village. During our Small Group Holidays Lucy offers a guided visit, the only thing we ask in return is a donation in the collection box! This helps with the ongoing restoration work of this historic building and its contents (some of our old terracotta floor tiles have been used to replace a section of floor in the chapel).

    We also actively help with maintaining the pilgrim route, the ancient “Camino de San Urbez.” Now part of the GR268, the trail goes past our house.

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    We minimize paper consumption and postal air miles. We do not have a paper brochure and do not send out an information pack. Our publicity is internet based. We therefore hope you have found this website to be comprehensive, providing all the detailed information you need. However, if you feel we can improve the site in any way please Contact Us.

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    Within the Guest House we harvest our rainwater. We have a 10,000 litre tank which provides water for our organic vegetable patch and our automated irrigation system, used for the lawns and garden.

    In addition we have a 3,500 litre tank which we use to supply our washing machine and irrigation.

    The bathrooms are also fitted with water saving devices on the taps, and have modern thermostatic eco-showers.
    All the toilets are fitted with dual flush to save water.

  • composting

    We separate, recycle or reuse as much waste as possible.

    All vegetable matter is composted to be used in the vegetable gardens.

    All inorganic waste is taken to the local recycling bins. We also encourage our guests to recycle card, paper, (once used on both sides), plastics, cans, tins and glass.

    Our philosophy of recycling includes building materials and furniture. For instance, all the vanity units in the luxury bathrooms are unique secondhand pieces of furniture, which we have adapted.

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