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Local natural history expert, Alberto, will accompany us on certain days. A qualified mountain guide, he is passionate about everything to do with nature. Founder and vice president of Aragon’s first nature and ornithological association he is also a qualified geological guide. Don’t be suprised if we stop mid trail to look at scat! (determining what animal used the trail).

Either Javier or Olatz, our botanical experts, will join us for our “Flower day.” Providing the expertise to help us identify the incredible array of flowers on our doorstep, or further afield. As well as providing a fascinating insight into the local customs associated with the plants.

Enrique brings unrivaled passion on butterflies and insects. His enthusiasm is infectious and adds an additional dimension to our “Butterfly Day.”

When we move south on our trip, ‘Birds of Northern Spain,’ we are joined by Javier. Guide, expert on the Grey Crane, and president of Birding Aragon.


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Wildlife Walking Holidays Spain

Discover the huge variety of flora and fauna as we walk in the Ordesa National Park, a World Biosphere Reserve.

Special Interests

Birds of Northern Spain

See some of the most spectacular birds in Europe, as we travel from the mountains to the plains.